Millennials have waited longer than any other generation to become homeowners, but the wait for this cohort is just about over. According to National Mortgage News,

“Millennials, those young adults now aged 23 to 38, are now entering their peak household formation and homebuying years.

It is important for Millennials to hire an experienced Realtor. To guide them to a great real estate investment so their money grows and they will be financially set for their future years of life.

Millennials, you’re already well aware that you’re among a generation of those who favor fast-paced, real-time answers – and results. When you’re ready to make a decision, it’s go-time, and you probably want the latest technology at your fingertips to make it happen. We totally agree with this technology and use it everyday in our business. I love my google maps and my smart phone banking just like Millennials.

National Mortgage News agrees, stating,

“Millennials are different than previous generations—not only in their delayed homebuying but also in how they approach interactions with financial institutions, including mortgage lenders. Taking a picture of a check on their phone and depositing it without visiting a branch is not novel, it’s the way Millennials learned to do banking. They expect real-time access to account and transaction data and are frustrated when it’s not available.”

Here’s the catch – the overall speed of the homebuying process can take some time, and it might feel like it is slowing you down. When you’re ready to buy, you can make an offer and go under contract quickly, but the rest of the process might take a little longer.

We can move as fast or as slow as 3-weeks to 45 days. Millennials can get a preapproval without being employed for 2 years with the same employer. We have down payment assistance for Millennials as well, and how to boost your credit score free advice. Just call me at 770-307-8751 today.

So, where do you go from here?
Call us we take 3 weeks beginning to end of mortgage process. Using on-line application and good communication via text and secured email portals.

If you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, that will help speed things up. But the steps it takes and the time to finalize a loan with most traditional lenders may feel like an eternity to you and your generation peers. Don’t worry, though – it’s well worth the wait when you finally get the keys to your new castle!

The Tax benefits are very good because you can deduct property taxes and mortgage interest on your tax returns. Millennials should take advantage of low, low interest rates right now and build your nest egg of wealth.

The investment benefits of homeownership, will increasing your net worth by building equity, and the other benefits, like being able to customize and improve your space, will ultimately set you on the course to happiness, success, overall satisfaction, and much, much more. Stop making your landlord rich. Call us today we will make your experience extraordinary.

Bottom Line 5 Benefits to buying your dream home!
Good video with very good information and guide to make your investment a great one.

If you’re feeling like it’s go-time, reach out to a local real estate professional and get the process moving to determine if homeownership is your next best step.

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