It’s spring – time to shake the house!

Isabel Elsesser
Isabel Elsesser
Published on March 21, 2018


In case you missed it, spring sprung on March 20. That means it’s time for the annual spring-cleaning ritual. And, although the exact origins of the ritual are in question, historians do know that it dates back thousands of years.

Iranians perform the task on the first day of spring and call it “khooneh tekouni,” (تکان دادن خانه) which is aptly translated to “shaking house.”

Today, Americans don’t go to quite those lengths. In fact, spring cleaning can be a relatively quick and easy process if you perform only the basics. To prove it, take a look at our handy checklist below. 

Of course if you decide to list your home for sale this is must do every week.  You want to list your home for sale and sell home fast.  List your home for sale and keeping it clean and tidy will get you more money in a faster time frame.  Let’s not forget the outdoor spring cleaning as well.  Like those out door light fixtures and gutters, new mulch or pine straw is nice.  Clean the front door and porch pretty flowers are great for curb appeal.

By adding outdoor chores to your cleaning checklist, not only do you get a cleaner home, but you can enjoy the first breath of fresh spring air.

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